6 Teeth-Saving Tips for Coffee Lovers

This is a guest post by Kenneth D. Mack, DDS  one of the top Dentists in Los Angeles. Would you like to write a guest post for us? Check out our guidelines. You’re probably here for the very same reason that I decided to explore this topic:  You love coffee and you’re not planning on giving […]

Recipe: Coffee Brownies

This is a guest post from Elly McCausland that was originally posted on AO at Home. If you would like to be a guest writer, please see our guidelines. These are everything you want from a chocolate brownie, but given added depth with a generous dose of (concentrated) black coffee. There’s melted butter and chocolate, […]

A Short History on Coffee

Today’s post is by guest writer, Nick Huxsted, with his short History of Coffee. If you would like to be a guest writer, please see our writing guidelines.  How it all started There are many myths about how coffee was first discovered, but the most captivating for its apparent humble beginnings and the sheer strangeness […]

Flatlands Coffee, The Final Stretch

As an Entrepreneur, it’s exciting when others share your passion and want to start their own business doing what they love. Especially in the same industry. I can’t help but root for them. Which is no different with Flatlands Coffee.

3 Dark Roast Coffee Myths

I get asked for dark roast coffee multiple times a day. The most common reasons for coffee lovers are looking for a “bold” coffee, more caffeine or a “smooth” coffee. Most don’t know the truth about dark roasted coffee. Do you? Let’s break down these 3 most common misconceptions and be better prepared when ordering […]

Interview with AJ Viola from BREW

Something is BREWing up in Raleigh. This month, I talk with AJ Viola about starting his new venture, BREW and how it’s different from most coffee bars and the process getting there.

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