Like many Baristas and Coffee Enthusiasts, you probably started drinking coffee to stay awake. Maybe you added lots of cream and sugar or even enjoyed a sugary over-caffeinated drink.

Now, you’ve discovered that coffee can really taste great and want to learn more without getting overwhelmed.

Hi! I’m Jennifer, and this is Daily Demitasse. The place to learn to brew better coffee, learn more about where and how coffee gets to your cup, and some fun along the way.



I created Daily Demitasse to share my experience and educate coffee enthusiasts, like you, to learn more about your favorite beverage, brew better coffee and learn about the industry, in a simple engaging way.

What’s Brewing
This blog has evolved from a personal journal into a place where coffee enthusiasts can learn about pour-over brewing, Barista basics, recipes, History, Coffee Culture, and other tools to improve your favorite beverage, in a simple, engaging way.


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About Jennifer

I’m a specialty coffee advocate, writer and most recently, Coffee Drive-Thru Owner. I’ve been in the coffee industry from 2003-2015. Whether it’s behind the counter serving delicious single origin coffee and espresso drinks or writing copy for Roasters and Cafes, coffee has always been a part my life.

Although I’ve technically “retired” from the coffee industry, it’s still a passion and hobby.

How I got started in Coffee

My father always enjoyed coffee. It was obvious to him that I should try getting my first job in a cafe’, even though I had not started drinking coffee yet. I did in 2003 and after that, I always ended up working in a cafe. The quality of beans improving each time.

In 2009, I worked at a cafe that served Counter Culture. After going to the Espresso 101 class, I became obsessed and caught the coffee bug. A few weeks later, I decided to start this blog to document what I learned after realizing how great coffee can be.

2011, I worked at a great cafe in Wilmington, NC that served Counter Culture Coffee. I had the opportunity to take the espresso classes at the Roastery. That’s when I realized how amazing coffee can be. and rest, as they say, is history!

Disclaimer: No one can tell you “the right way to brew coffee”. Everyone’s palate varies. These articles are meant as guidelines to get you thinking about various aspects of coffee and try something new, all based on my personal experience.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cheers! [_]D

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