5 MORE Cities with a Killer Coffee Culture


This is a guest post by Jay Deratany. If you would like to write for Daily Demitasse, please check out our guidelines. Assuming you have already decorated your passport with cities pulled from the first installment on coffee capitals of the world, here is a whole new batch to try. The number of cities that […]

Interview: Josue’ Morales of Mayaland Coffee


This month’s interview is very special. I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for over a year now. A little background first. I had the privilege of working for Josue’ Morales at Mayaland Coffee in it’s very beginning stages. It’s amazing to see how far they’ve come already and the changes that’s been made. It’ll […]

5 Cities with Killer Coffee

Coffee New Orleans

This is a guest post by Jay Deratany. If you would like to be a guest writer, please see our guidelines. You can get a cup of coffee almost anywhere, anytime.  But an excellent cup of coffee served with panache in a city that’s as obsessed with java as you are?  That’s a little harder […]

Now Closed: Coffee Gear Giveaway


Kick off the Holiday Season and win coffee gear as an early present for yourself, for family or friends. Here’s how!

Interview: Dr. Alvaro Gaitan

Dr Alvaro Gaitan

Since I haven’t done an interview in awhile, I thought you would enjoy a whopper of a topic with Dr. Alvaro Gaitan, Head of Plant Pathology, National Coffee Research Center (Cenicafe), Colombia. This month he’ll cover the impact of climate on coffee in Colombia and the 25th International Conference of Coffee Science. DD- What are […]

6 Teeth-Saving Tips for Coffee Lovers

This is a guest post by Kenneth D. Mack, DDS  one of the top Dentists in Los Angeles. Would you like to write a guest post for us? Check out our guidelines. You’re probably here for the very same reason that I decided to explore this topic:  You love coffee and you’re not planning on giving […]

Recipe: Coffee Brownies

coffee brownies post image 1

This is a guest post from Elly McCausland that was originally posted on AO at Home. If you would like to be a guest writer, please see our guidelines. These are everything you want from a chocolate brownie, but given added depth with a generous dose of (concentrated) black coffee. There’s melted butter and chocolate, […]

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