5 Tips to Find the Best Local Roasters in your City

What do you take into account when searching for “the best” roasters in your city? Is it the company’s mission? Quality? Whether or not they are organic, sustainable, or use Fair Trade? Or are you looking for specific roasts or Origins of coffee? However you consider a place “the best”, here are five ways to start discovering roasters in your city or in a new city you move to.

1 Research the Company

Search Google maps for local Roasters, then check out each company website and reviews about each place. Also, check on Foursquare and ask your coffee lover friends for local recommendations.

2 Samples

Many roasters have a starter sampler kit of a few different coffees to try. If not, contact them and ask for samples you can try.

3 Cuppings

Most roasters offer public coffee cuppings when they get new coffees. You’ll get to meet other coffee lovers and try come amazing coffees.

4 Farmers Market

Seek out local roasters that set up at Farmers Markets. This gives you a chance to try the coffee and meet some of the people that work there.

5 Roaster Tours

Every so often, roasters will have an event for the public and take a group tour of their roasting facility and packaging area. You will see how they run the facility, get an education about the company and coffee in general and some Q & A.


These are the first five ways I go about discovering the best local roasters in my city. Hope they help you find some amazing coffee and meet great people who work there.

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