Barista Interview: Daniel Faucette from Jubala Village Coffee

Intelligencia-inspired cafe comes to North Raleigh at Jubala Village Coffee. After being open a couple months, they are holding Thursday night Throwdown and this month’s barista, Daniel Faucette, will be representing the cafe’.

Daniel_faucette_baristainterviewWhen did you start drinking coffee?

When I was about twelve years old. I was completely oblivious! My parents drank coffee on the weekends, and I thought it was such an adult thing to do. I wanted to act grown up, basically. They had Folger’s instant coffee with a healthy dose of half and half with sugar. So funny! I would never enjoy that cup now.

When and why did you decide to become a Barista?

I made a trip to origin when I was about 16 years old. A group was going to Costa Rica to help out a small village. I heard coffee farmers lived there, and immediately wanted to join. We ended up helping them build a washing station, and helped teach about ways to organically raise their cherries. I think at that point I knew I wanted to be involved with coffee on a level other than just drinking it in my house.

How are you involved in the industry?

Currently I’m the bar manager at Jubala Village Coffee in Raleigh, which includes a whole lot of being behind the bar. I love it! I forgot how much fun brewing the coffee is. In the past I’ve been involved on the roasting/sourcing side of things, and I’m excited to be in the trenches of a café again.

How is Jubala different than other cafes in Raleigh?

We make everything made to order. Except maybe iced tea, every drink is made by hand right in front of you. We brew pour-over and French press for brewed coffee. Everything is fresh, no urns, no old coffee.

We also take very seriously the state of the coffee industry. Coffee prices are going up, and many farmers are resorting to plants with lower quality, higher yields to compensate for the fact that they just don’t make enough money. In addition to paying a fair price for our coffee, we decided to re-invest some of our profits into the lives and communities of farmers. We want quality coffee to continue, and we care for the lives of farmers who work hard to supply that coffee. We have plans to invest in some unique farms in East Africa. Check out We will update you guys on the project from there!

What does the café offer besides coffee?

Liege waffles! You have to try one, seriously. We have a modest tea menu that I’m pretty proud of, and we feature tasty snacks from local friends of ours from time to time.

This is the first café in North Raleigh to hold a Thursday Night Throwdown (TNT). Tell us about it.

Throwdowns are a blast! Basically TNT is a single-elimination latte art competition. All the baristas around the triangle are invited to come Throwdown. It’s $5 to enter and the winner takes all. This month, Jubala is throwing in a siphon brewer to sweeten the pot.

Why would non-baristas and customers enjoy the TNT?

No lie, it might be the nerdiest thing that you attend in a while, BUT I think most customers will enjoy seeing what coffee culture is like. We all want to come together and celebrate good coffee, and the talent is takes to pour latte art. I think we’ll also be giving away the lattes that we pour; that’s a bonus!

Will you be competing in the TNT?

Oh yes! Haha. There are some stellar baristas in the triangle, and I feel like I’m just getting the hang of espresso again, but it will still be super fun! I would encourage any barista to come compete and meet some great baristas that take care in their craft.


When? Tonight!

Thursday, May 26 · 7:00pm – 9:30pm


Jubala Village Coffee

8450 Honeycutt Road

Raleigh, North Carolina

-Free admission
– Open to the public
– $5 to enter

See you there!

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