Barista Interview: Malachi Morris of TAPROOT Roastery

Well hello! Yes, I know I haven’t been around in awhile – that’s a story for another day – but I was so inspired by this person, I just HAD to write about him!


I met Malachi at my local Farmer’s Market in Hickory, NC.  His booth was the first thing to catch my eye, but the more we chatted and after trying his coffee, I knew this new coffee business owner will be successful and I just had to introduce you to him.

DD- When did you start drinking coffee?
 M – Very young. My mom took a picture of me drinking coffee at age 2. My earliest coffee memories are with my dad. I made the mistake of drinking “complementary” coffee at the oil-change, bank or hotel. I always sprung for the rat poison, non-dairy, powdered crack provided to me. It didn’t cover up the disgusting coffee, but for whatever reason I drank it anyway. I couldn’t escape coffee;  I drank black coffee regularly by age 13.


DD- What made you decide to become a Barista?
M -I had fun making coffee for my family in the mornings. We probably had 5 different coffee makers I liked to experiment with. When I was 17, looking for a job, a friend happened to be opening up a huge shop next to the university in Lubbock. It was my first job and will probably be the most enjoyable job I’ll ever have.


DD- How long have you been a barista?
M – Since national coffee day (September 29th) 2015


DD – Why did you start roasting?
 M – After working at Starbucks in Hickory for several months I was sick of not having any good coffee in the town. I decided it would be more economical to roast my own than mail order elsewhere for $20+ per bag.


DD- When and Why did you start you own coffee business?
 M – I wanted to share my coffee with friends, so I figured – why not turn this roasting into a business?”. I came up with a name, drew some logos, and ran with it. Because I have committed to this business it will be successful.


DD- What are your ultimate goals for your business?
 M– I have resigned from Starbucks so I can work on TAPROOT full-time. I hope to be in 3-4 restaurants and 1-2 grocery stores in the next few months. I also have plans to open my own shop in the future . TAPROOT is my first experience owning a business and I am learning a lot. I have not set an ULTIMATE goal for the business but my personal goal is to continue learning and to have fun!


Find Malachi and his booth here:

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