Special Interview with Coffee Kids

This is a special month. I’m shaking things up for my featured interviewee. It’s the month of love and my birth month. What better way to celebrate with you than a month long fundraiser to one of my favorite causes, Coffee Kids. to help the coffee farmers that

But I need your help to reach the goal.

Simply click “Donate Now” to your right. Any amount is appreciated. You can also help by spreading the word about the fundraiser. Thank you for your support.

“Coffee Kids promotes self-determination, addressing the roots of poverty by helping coffee-farming families determine their own vision of the future.”

Learn more and how they help coffee farmers in the interview today with Kristina Morris Heredia, the Communications Coordinator at Coffee Kids. Continue reading “Special Interview with Coffee Kids”

Interview: Bobby Roshan from Cafe’ Demitasse

meEver wonder what makes a cafe’ so great, besides customer service, atmosphere and location? It’s all in the details.

From classic and modern brewing to boutique chocolates, loose leaf teas and elegant creative espresso drinks, you can bet you’ll find something delicious to indulge in. And they have a “sexy siphon bar.”

To kick off the new year, I talk with Bobby Roshan, the Owner of a Cafe’ with a similar name, Cafe’ Demitasse. Continue reading “Interview: Bobby Roshan from Cafe’ Demitasse”

Could You Be a Barista?

So, you want to be a Barista?

You may want to be a Barista for a variety of reasons. You simply need a job to pay the bills. The idea of being a Barista is a “fantasy” job. Or, you truly have a passion for learning all you can about coffee and serving customers. The latter is the preferred reasoning although money helps.

Whatever your reason, there are some things you should know before applying to this position. Over all it’s an amazing job, but it’s not for everyone. Do you have what it takes to be a Barista? Continue reading “Could You Be a Barista?”

Interview: Joe Bland of Raleigh Coffee Co

This month’s Roaster I plan to keep my eye on. Local home roaster, Joe Bland, shares how far he’s come in a short time, thanks to the support of friends and family.

Joe Bland of Raleigh Coffee Company
Joe Bland of Raleigh Coffee Company

When did you start drinking coffee?
I started drinking coffee when I was 16. I had $2 and I walked into a coffee shop and asked for the best drink for $2. I walked out with an iced latte and was instantly addicted to the experience. Continue reading “Interview: Joe Bland of Raleigh Coffee Co”

2012 Recap

What a year and they only go by faster as we get older. But coffee helps accomplish all that needs doing. And boy was this another big year. The biggest yet, actually.

Although I miss this blog and geeking out about coffee with you, there are other things now that need more of my attention. With that said, I will continue to write as often as possible that time allows. Once I am more efficient in organizing my time to include this blog into my new venture, I’ll be sure to write more often. Continue reading “2012 Recap”