BaristaOnDuty Pan Roasted Coffee Reviews

Credit: Barista on Duty
When it comes to “the finer things in life” all I ask for is the best food and beverage available. I don’t usually buy nice things, but when I go out to a restaurant or cafe’ I seek out the most authentic and highest quality product. Like a beautifully aged wine, when you sip fine coffee as it should be, is like a puzzle in your mouth, deciphering the flavors while inhaling the aromas. And a flash of culture warms you. Continue reading “BaristaOnDuty Pan Roasted Coffee Reviews”

Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew Coffee vs Iced Latte

Iced coffee and iced lattes are very different but it is easy to remember with this simple fact. Iced latte’ have espresso. The iced coffee and cold brew do not.

Iced Coffee is double-strength hot brewed coffee over ice, or the ice is added after it’s brewed. All the coffee flavors are extracted from the coffee in this method.

Cold Brewed coffee is the latest iced coffee trend. It is coffee slow-brewed 12-16 hours in cold water, which creates a coffee concentrate with a lot less acidity.  It creates a rich, smooth taste and is easier on the stomach. Add water and ice to taste. (Can also be used for hot coffee and as an espresso substitute).

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Iced Latte’s are 1/3 espresso to 2/3 milk, over a cup ice

5 Free Ways To Market Your Coffee Business

Marketing is one of the biggest ways to gain customers. You need to get them in your store so they can experience your great coffee.
Just be sure to fit your Advertising to your goals. Marketing is not created equal.
Word of mouth Marketing is best, but how do you begin? By building trust with customers so they buy from you. Then they tell all their friends! Get people talking with these 5 free Marketing strategy ideas:

Social Media

If you’re not on at least Twitter and Facebook, you are missing a huge opportunity. These are just two sites to stay connected, engage, and build relationships with your customers. You can see what others are saying about your business and to easily take care of any immediate customer complaints that may arise and quickly fix the situation. You can even post live music and cafe’ happenings to Facebooks’ “event” feature.


Keep customers updated on events, specials, and coupons. Highlight an employee or co-worker. Offer a sign-up sheet for your customers at the cafe’ counter and a subscription on your site to keep them updated. Try Mailchimp or Aweber.


Write about events-music, throw-downs, fundraisers, meetups, networking groups. Be sure to take a lot of pictures so customers can see what a great time others are having and will want to make the next event. For customers that did attend, can tell about their experience (customer testimonials) of how much fun they had.

Geo-location Sites

Register your coffee shop on Foursquare, Yelp, and other sites customers can “check-in” to your business and their friends can see your shop is a popular place to be. You can also be reviewed and see how you stack up to other local businesses.

Be Newsworthy

Are you sponsoring an event, hosting a fundraiser or donating coffee? Get your name out there and invite your local community and media to your event. Build company reputation and goodwill within the community while gaining the attention of the media. And in-turn, gain more customers. Be sure to take photos so anyone who may not have showed up the first time, will see how much fun your event was and will come next time.


How do you market your company? Do you use Leads Market or any of these strategies? What experience have you had using these strategies?