Thirty Days of Coffee Fueled Literary Abandon

novelist-fuel-300x213Coffee fuels writers. It is a muse and friend that helps us stay awake to proceed during the creative ups and downs. Today’s guest post is by writer and coffee lover, Ardee-Ann. You can read more from her here. Want to be a guest writer for Daily Demitasse? Please read our guidelines then contact me.

It is November 2010, this is the 30 Days of Literary Abandon known as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), a time during which many a budding novelist works feverishly to write a fifty thousand word tome that lays the groundwork for a future novel or perhaps novella. Many of this literary efforts are fueled by coffee, the nectar of the gods and the caffeine potion that has provided added impetus to many an author and artiste. Continue reading “Thirty Days of Coffee Fueled Literary Abandon”