Cafe Latte vs Cappuccino

With corporate advertising, words like cappuccino and latte are thrown around so much it has almost lost its original meaning. So when you go from a big chain to an independent cafe, the drinks will more than likely look and taste completely different.

The main reason these drinks taste so different is because larger chains have “Americanized” the cappuccino so the coffee taste isn’t as pronounced. Smaller cafe’s, especially independent specialty shops, care more about quality, traditional espresso drink sizes, and educating customers so you’re most likely to receive a traditional version.

What IS the correct definition of these drinks and how do you remember the difference? Continue reading “Cafe Latte vs Cappuccino”

Iced Coffee vs Cold Brew Coffee vs Iced Latte

Iced coffee and iced lattes are very different but it is easy to remember with this simple fact. Iced latte’ have espresso. The iced coffee and cold brew do not.

Iced Coffee is double-strength hot brewed coffee over ice, or the ice is added after it’s brewed. All the coffee flavors are extracted from the coffee in this method.

Cold Brewed coffee is the latest iced coffee trend. It is coffee slow-brewed 12-16 hours in cold water, which creates a coffee concentrate with a lot less acidity.  It creates a rich, smooth taste and is easier on the stomach. Add water and ice to taste. (Can also be used for hot coffee and as an espresso substitute).

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Iced Latte’s are 1/3 espresso to 2/3 milk, over a cup ice