5 Cities with Killer Coffee

This is a guest post by Jay Deratany. If you would like to be a guest writer, please see our guidelines.

You can get a cup of coffee almost anywhere, anytime.  But an excellent cup of coffee served with panache in a city that’s as obsessed with java as you are?  That’s a little harder to find.

Each of the great coffee cities of the world have a slightly different approach to the stuff, but what they all have in common is a profound appreciation for the art and culture of coffee.

So grab a cup and get ready to add a few more cities to your travel bucket list as we take an armchair trip to 5 coffee lover’s dream towns.  Continue reading “5 Cities with Killer Coffee”

5 Teas For Coffee Lovers

This is a guest post by Bob Kasenchak from Unity Teapots – purveyors of high-quality cast iron teapots and other Asian teaware. Want to be a guest writer for Daily Demitasse? Please read our guidelines then contact me.


So you can tell an Ethiopian coffee from a Sumatran by the aroma; you sing the praises of the wonderful acidity of high-altitude beans. But you still think of all tea as a weak, bitter drink that comes from tiny, stapled bags?

What follows is an introduction to tea – black tea – for coffee lovers. Whether you’re naturally curious, health-conscious, culinary-minded, or intrigued by the history and miscellany of the world’s most-consumed beverage, there are plenty of robust teas to please the palate of a coffee drinker-cum-budding tea aficionado. Continue reading “5 Teas For Coffee Lovers”

Thirty Days of Coffee Fueled Literary Abandon

novelist-fuel-300x213Coffee fuels writers. It is a muse and friend that helps us stay awake to proceed during the creative ups and downs. Today’s guest post is by writer and coffee lover, Ardee-Ann. You can read more from her here. Want to be a guest writer for Daily Demitasse? Please read our guidelines then contact me.

It is November 2010, this is the 30 Days of Literary Abandon known as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), a time during which many a budding novelist works feverishly to write a fifty thousand word tome that lays the groundwork for a future novel or perhaps novella. Many of this literary efforts are fueled by coffee, the nectar of the gods and the caffeine potion that has provided added impetus to many an author and artiste. Continue reading “Thirty Days of Coffee Fueled Literary Abandon”

Coffee & Cholesterol: Is Your Morning Routine Heart-Healthy?

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You know that fried eggs and bacon every morning probably won’t keep your heart in top shape for the future, but have you ever wondered if your morning cup of coffee is the secret enemy to your heart health? Since the late 1980s, a number of researchers have looked into the link between coffee and cholesterol, all starting when Scandinavian doctors noticed that coffee drinkers tended to suffer from high cholesterol more often than their non-coffee-drinking counterparts. While the research done to date has been informative and the results have proven replicable, no one has stepped in to let the consumer know how their coffee drinking habits may be affecting their heart. That’s where Piki: Eat comes in. Continue reading “Coffee & Cholesterol: Is Your Morning Routine Heart-Healthy?”