Could You Be a Barista?

So, you want to be a Barista?

You may want to be a Barista for a variety of reasons. You simply need a job to pay the bills. The idea of being a Barista is a “fantasy” job. Or, you truly have a passion for learning all you can about coffee and serving customers. The latter is the preferred reasoning although money helps.

Whatever your reason, there are some things you should know before applying to this position. Over all it’s an amazing job, but it’s not for everyone. Do you have what it takes to be a Barista? Continue reading “Could You Be a Barista?”

Lent for Coffee Lovers

Lent is here. Worried about not drinking coffee? Don’t worry, I would never suggest or even think of trying to get you to give up your precious coffee. Unless it’s mediocre coffee.

Whether you practice Lent or not, this is the perfect time to transition to drinking high quality coffee, and drink it black. Fast from adding sugar and any other extra stuff you use to tolerate bad coffee. Doing this will actually make drinking coffee healthier and you will be pleasantly surprised what you’ve been missing.

Lent fasting for coffee lovers:

• Drink high quality coffee black instead
• No artificially flavored coffee blends, try single origin instead.
• No Sugar
• No cream
• No artificial syrups, actually no syrups, period.

Why fast from instant coffee, k-cups, and big chain Coffee?

• Farmers are paid a fair price that they deserve for all the hard work they do.
• Improve farmers’ quality of life
• So farmers can continue offering great coffee for you
• It’s a coffee experience you will miss out on if you don’t try. I understand coffee is a required taste. Think of it as trying a new food. Let your taste buds take over and decipher all the flavors and aromas. No need for fancy words. Just what you discover.
• Once you get used to “the good stuff”, there is no turning back.
• Ready to take the fasting challenge but not sure where to find high quality coffee? Here are my favorite sites to find some.

QOTD– Will you be taking the fasting challenge above? Let us know in the comments. It’s easier when you have support from others.

Tips for Tipping Baristas

tip-jarTipping people who work in the service industry has a pretty good set of “rules”. But some places can get a little tricky, like tipping at a coffee shop. Bartenders receive tips for creating your after hours beverage, so why shouldn’t baristas for creating your coffee concoction? We are doing the same task.

Most baristas count on tips to supplement their wages. This isn’t a high wage paying industry. Those that make a career in it does it for the passion. Those that make it a temporary job to help pay the bills while going to school or as a second job make minimum wage and a little more. I live off tips for gas and food between paychecks. Either way, baristas must rely on tips to continue paying the bills. Don’t get me wrong, we must work for our tips like anyone else.

A great barista will make you a great coffee. It’s an art of technique from knowledge. How finely to grind the beans, how much coffee to use, the right temperature, the milk-to-foam ratio, how hard to tamp the grinds. Sure it’s the job, but great customer service and hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed.

How much you tip is up to you– what type of drink and any treats you get with it helps figure this as well. You can also ask yourself these questions if you’re still torn what or if to tip. Did he or she put a lot of work and care into the drink? Did the barista provide excellent service? If the answers are “yes,” then go ahead and tip — especially if you’re a regular at the shop. You’ll not only brighten their day, it’s good karma.

Discuss in the comments:

How do you decide how much you tip a Barista?
As a Barista, what do you consider a reasonable tip?