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It’s humid and feels like Summer, although it’s still Spring. That means one thing. Iced coffee time! If I’m not drinking cold brew coffee, Chemex is my favorite way to enjoy iced coffee. Since I received so many requests for my recipe, I decided to go ahead and turn it into a post. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This recipe is written assuming you are at least familiar with how to brew coffee in the Chemex.
Not all coffees will taste good iced. Pick a naturally sweeter coffee, like Mexican, Harrar or a coffee with notes of berries and chocolate, like a Berundi or Yirgcheffe.

This type of iced coffee brewing is considered “Japanese style,” according to Counter Culture Coffee.

Makes one 12oz. cup of iced coffee
29 g (1 oz.) Fresh – roasted coffee
10 oz. Hot water (195F-205F) I use 200F
10 oz. Ice
Chemex brewer and filter
Burr Grinder (grind = the size of sea salt)
Kitchen scale
Cups(s) and/or carafe

Wet filter in the Chemex to get rid of most of the paper taste. (3 corners of the filter to the spout side, 1 to the back)
Start boiling water
Weigh out 29 grams coffee beans
Grind the beans (about the same grind as drip coffee)
Dump water out from Chemex
Take out filter to add ice
Add the 10 oz. of ice to Chemex
Put filter back in (3 in front 1 back)
Once water is to correct temperature, add ground coffee.
Slowly pour just enough water on top of grinds for the “bloom” for 30 seconds. This saturates all the grinds.
Finish adding remaining water in a slow circular (clockwise) motion
Let the coffee finish dripping
Dispose or save used coffee grounds for your garden
Pour into your cup or caraf
Rinse out Chemex
Enjoy your coffee!
QOTD– Do you love iced coffee from your Chemex? Share your brewing parameters in the comments below.


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