coffee glossary picMost Popular Espresso Drinks with Original Recipes. Note: Different cafés have similar or their own variation based on their culture and country.

Iced Coffee- the most common method is double the strength of regular brewed coffee, over ice

Americano [uh-mer-ah-kon-oh] – Hot water topped with espresso

Café Au Lait [caf-ay o ley] – Half brewed coffee and half steamed milk

Espresso [eh-spress-oh] –A brewing method, not a bean. Espresso is when coffee beans are ground finely and extracted through the espresso machine. The brewing pressure and temperature (between 194 & 204 degrees Fahrenheit) over a period of 20-30 seconds brew period. This produces 1-1.5 oz. of espresso.

Red Eye–(aka. a shot in the dark, and various names) brewed coffee with one or two shots of espresso

Café Latte [caf-ay la-tey] – 1/4 espresso, 3/4 steamed milk

Café Mocha [moh-kuh] – Chocolate sauce, espresso and steamed milk.

Espresso Breve’ [brev-ae] – 1/3 espresso, 2/3 steamed half-n-half

Cappuccino [kapp-oo-chee-noh] – 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 micro foam, in a 5oz or 6oz. cup

Espresso Macchiato [mock-e-AH-toe] – Espresso “marked” with a dollop of foam

Café Con Panna [con pon-a] – A single or double shot of espresso topped with a dollop of whipped cream

Doppio [doe-pea-oh] – Double shot of espresso concentrated into the same volume as regular espresso

Espresso Lungo – A long pull shot of espresso

Barista [bar-ista] – meaning bartender (in Italian), that operates an espresso machine and creates specialty coffee drinks

Demitasse [dem-e-tas] – small cup (usually porcelain and 3 ounce size) for serving Turkish coffee or espresso straight.

Microfoam- Silky sheen consistancy of steamed milk, perfect for creating latte art

Crema [krem-ah] – the tan-colored “head” of a perfect espresso shot

Shot – a single 1-1.5 oz of espresso

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Coffee and Espresso Glossary
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