Discovering My “Third Place”

Everyone needs a “third place” to relax, have great conversations, or get things done. This is how I discovered coffee shops as my ‘home away from home’.

Growing up, my father used to take me to a hole in the wall diner for breakfast. A large family owned it and with that, it immediately became our third place. You could find anyone there-from the most respected people in town to unappreciated dishwashers. But at this diner, no matter your status, everyone had great conversations over coffee and were equals for an hour.

After moving away from home, the need to find my own “third place” was a priority.

The bar scene wasn’t for me and I knew there had to be somewhere better to get coffee with the same community atmosphere than a diner. I discovered cafes and slowly began my love for coffee.

It began with highly sugary lattes and cream to mask the metallic “drip coffee”. My dad loved the fact I drank coffee and recommended getting a job at a cafe. The coffee shop became a larger part of my life. Luckily, coffee quality improved at each shop, along with my palate and technique. The realization there was better coffee began a new journey of discovering great coffee, and creating this blog.

Ever since, if I’m not already working at a cafe’, their is a good chance I’ll be hanging out at one.

QOTD – What is your “third place” and how did you find it?

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Jennifer has been in the coffee industry since 2003. She started Daily Demitasse to educate and share her experience with other passionate coffee enthusiasts, from a Barista, Cafe Manager, shop Owner and freelancer perspective. When she's not working or blogging, you can find her at Transpire Life.

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