Call For Artists

featured artist_dd

Are you a Barista or coffee enthusiast who is also a talented artist? I want to feature you!

Although I don’t own a coffee business anymore, I wanted to keep some aspects of a café,’ in my version here on Daily Demitasse. I also have a marketing background and want to help artists. With my experience and your following, we can create an amazing collaboration.

I’ll feature an artist, from the United States, who paints, draws, sculpts or makes pottery, in my version of a virtual cafe’ gallery. This is a new feature to the website, so I will begin with one artist every four months (each quarter), who lives in the United States, for shipping purposes.

As a Featured Artist you’ll get:

  • Photo Gallery
  • I’ll promote your work for four months on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  • You get my US audience of Baristas, Roasters, Cafe’ Owners, Distributors and home coffee enthusiasts as potential customers
  • Will feature 10-20 items
  • A write-up that includes personal Bio, Blurb about your collection, links to your website and social media links and SEO so Google loves us.
  • Link on front page slider, above the fold.
  • Once your timeframe is over, the featured post will be archived.

Since this is a business collaboration, and to increase your sales, it is your responsibility to help promote your Gallery and the website.

When one of your pieces sells, the customer pays me in full, I’ll take a commission of 30% and pay you the rest. I will write up a contract for both of us to include all the above statements once we’ve discussed everything.

Simply fill out the form below for any questions and consideration.

I look forward to our collaboration,