3 Dark Roast Coffee Myths

darkroastbeansI get asked for dark roast coffee multiple times a day. The most common reasons for coffee lovers are looking for a “bold” coffee, more caffeine or a “smooth” coffee. Most don’t know the truth about dark roasted coffee. Do you? Let’s break down these 3 most common misconceptions and be better prepared when ordering your next coffee.

Myth:Dark roasted coffee has more caffeine.
Fact: Dark Roasted coffee has LESS caffeine. This is because the longer the beans are roasted, the caffeine gets “cooked” out.

Myth: Dark roasted beans are “smoother”
Fact: This usually refers to bitterness (bad acidity). It depends where you go and the origin of the beans. The longer the beans are roasted, the coffees distinct origin flavors, brightness and good acidity- like fruit and other citrus flavors, decrease.

Myth: Dark beans are “bold”.
Fact: First, let’s get one thing out of the way. “Bold” has nothing to do with coffee. Sorry to disappoint. the more the beans are roasted, the more the coffees body and fullness come out.


What are some other dark roast coffee myth’s? Add them to the comments.

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3 Replies to “3 Dark Roast Coffee Myths”

  1. Another “myth” is that dark roast coffee is stronger. Dark Roast has nothing to do with strength. Strength is a function of how much grounds you use for the amount of water. Dark Roasts can be weak and insipid; light roasts can be strong and intense.

  2. It’s crazy how some myths get life of their own. A three of you’re myths I’ve heard someone else say before. It boggles my mind how these are still spread around the world of coffee and are thought to be true.

    1. Yes! This boggles my mind, but then I remember that most meh coffee shops don’t educate customers, use bad marketing, or don’t even know these important facts. That’s why there need to be more websites like ours to educate properly.


      Jennifer [_]D

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