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ESPRO Press Founder_DDinterviewTo kick off the Interview series again, here is someone you may have seen on Kickstarter. Bruce Constantine is the CEO of ESPRO Press. We discuss the ESPRO Press and what’s next for the company.



Daily Demitasse – When did you start drinking coffee?

Bruce Constantine – I don’t even remember! My grandmother’s family was in the coffee industry.  She used to visit from Costa Rica.  She was born and raised in Costa Rica and so was my mother.  She would visit at least once a year and she would bring a suitcase full of coffee.  It was the best coffee around.  People would come and show up out of the woodwork to be our best friends when the coffee arrived.  But I don’t remember when I started drinking it.

DD- How are you involved in the industry?

BC – I got involved in the industry after I graduated from graduate school.  I did a MA in Materials Engineering in Boston and moved out to Vancouver and with my first paycheque and bought some pretty expensive coffee gear.  That gear didn’t work as well as I wanted it to.  So I purposed to Chris MacLean, who was working with me in the alternative energy sector, this problem of coffee and tea making.  This is what lead to the making of our calibrated tamper and to the founding of ESPRO.  We founded the business in late 2002 during a meeting at a food court in a mall.  We sketched the first product on a napkin and brought the tamper to market in 2004.  ESPRO has grown up since.

DD- When and why did you decide to create the ESPRO Press?

BC – The ESPRO Press came out of a review of a movement that had been developing over a period of years.  The movement was turning away from espresso beverages and towards coffee based beverages.  We noticed that a lot of machines were emerging that allowed you to make a really good cup of coffee.  We stepped back from that and looked at what was being done well and what was being done badly.  What was being done well? Well, they were making a perfect cup of coffee.  The high end machines were controlling all aspects of the brew.  Including the temperature, duration, stopping and extraction.  The things you really wanted to be able to control. The problem was that is was all extremely expensive.  $20 000 per machine on the high-end.  The ESPRO Press was born out of the desire to create an affordable, hand device that could replicate what the world’s best machines were producing.

DD – What makes the ESPRO Press unique?

BC – Along the way, the ESPRO Press took on some attributes that are necessary for making perfect coffee and tea.  First is the micro-filteration.  ESPRO Press has two micro-filters for coffee.  They are 9 and 12 times finer than anything else being made in the world. The filters nest together. The assembly of this filtration is what is required for pressing something so fine through coffee and water.  Also, the ESPRO Press stops extraction in the pot.  This is very important.  The beverage will taste the same when you make it as it will in an hour.  Third, we added vacuum insulation of the ESPRO Press and Travel Press.  This allows for a constant brew temperature and keeps your beverage for a long time.
1. Grit free (micro-filteration)
2. Stops extraction

3. Stays hot

DD – What’s been going on since the Kickstarter Campaign? 

BC – Ramping up production and debugging production.  There are always surprises. Also the selling and marketing side of the launch has been happening.  We have a new warrantee guarantee for life. We think our products should last!

This year we have introduced a new and perfected filtration system for tea.  Also, a new paper filtered pressed coffee.  This is a world wide first.  This allows us to remove the coffee oils and match the flavor profile of pour over style coffee.

French press and pour over coffee are two different styles of coffee.  French press allows all the oils through the filer which makes a fuller body coffee.  Pour over style coffee uses a paper filter which keeps the oil out of the cup.  This makes for a very clean cup of coffee.  By introducing paper filtered press coffee we can deliver perfect French press, pour over and loose leaf tea drinking experiences.

DD- What’s next? 

BC – Tons and tons of production work and selling.  You will also see new products from us very soon!  Also, our brand will be showing up at more and more retailers.  We have a passionate group of people focused on creating better brews.
Stay tuned for my review of the ESPRO Press!

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