Interview: Bobby Roshan from Cafe’ Demitasse

meEver wonder what makes a cafe’ so great, besides customer service, atmosphere and location? It’s all in the details.

From classic and modern brewing to boutique chocolates, loose leaf teas and elegant creative espresso drinks, you can bet you’ll find something delicious to indulge in. And they have a “sexy siphon bar.”

To kick off the new year, I talk with Bobby Roshan, the Owner of a Cafe’ with a similar name, Cafe’ Demitasse.

DD: When did you start drinking coffee?

BR: I started drinking coffee as a child to imitate my dad, who is and has been a huge coffee drinker.

DD: When and why did you become a barista and start roasting?

BR: I was always a huge “home barista.” It wasn’t until I decided to get into the coffee business that I started training to be a professional barista. About a year ago we decided to start roasting coffee because we wanted to gain an additional level of control over our coffee. It’s been so much fun being able to take green coffee beans be able to play with it at both the roast level and the brew level.

DD: How are you involved in the industry?

BR: We are pretty involved in the coffee community. We have all kinds of events almost every month, from brew classes to cuppings. We go to throwdowns and sponsor the big, local, coffee events such as Barista Nation as well as the upcoming CoffeeGraph

DD: What makes your shop special?

BR: I think what makes our shops special are how much thought goes into everything we do.

We serve our Kyoto iced coffee in sake carafes that have a pocket for ice that keeps your drink cold without diluting it. We make the few syrups we use in-house and try to keep it creative (our last two sweet drinks were a salted-rosemary-maple latte and an orange-thyme-cardamom latte.) We make every cup of coffee to order and make sure everything is done to precision. We serve our teas loose leaf in a teapot with a timer so that it won’t over-steep and get bitter.

I feel like all those little things ensure every drink that goes out is always tasty and creates a unique experience for people.

DD: With all beautiful siphons and other variety of coffee brewers, how would someone go about ordering if they were overwhelmed?

BD: We brew everything to order. In our Little Tokyo shop, we brew all but one cup on Clever Coffee drippers. We reserve a light and fruity coffee to brew on our siphons.

In Santa Monica, all coffees but the light and fruity one (currently our Kenya AB Gachombe) is brewed on our Steampunk. The Kenyan we drip by hand on a Kalita Wave.

I think the best way to order is to order what you normally order anywhere else. So if you want a latte, don’t order brewed coffee. Order a latte. If you always order something crazy, order the Barista’s Signature Drink.

DD: Where can we buy your beans?

BR: Right now you can find our beans at our shops and online. Our coffee is being served at a few places around town, but they’re not selling the beans.

Little Tokyo
135 S. San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3819 / map
(213) 613-9300

Santa Monica
1149 Third Street
Santa Monica, CA 90403 / map
(310) 260-6308

DD: How would a cafe go about start roasting their own coffee? And… What advice would you offer to anyone wanting to do so?

BR: I would buy a roaster and just experiment with a ton of different profiles until you get an idea of how different roasts change the taste.

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