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Whether I’m slinging coffee behind the bar, creating coffee experiments in my kitchen or writing, my life revolves around one thing. Coffee. Hi, I’m Jennifer Vaaler and the writer of Daily Demitasse. It’s already been six months since officially launching this blog back in January, and what a ride it’s been. I have met some amazing people and met a few goals in such a short time. There is still so much more to come.

The Name Game

I started this blog as a hobby to share my passion of coffee with you and hopefully teach you something along the way. I named it “Daily Demitasse” because when I’m not drinking my daily coffee brew, it’s a shot of espresso based drink- straight up, con panna or traditional espresso macchiato. This is also a metaphor of my life- taking one day at a time and slowing down to enjoy life. It’s the only way to really taste all the natural flavors of coffee and appreciate all the hard work the farmers have gone through to enjoy it’s full potential.

Always Learning, Always Teaching

I’m not sure where I am on the coffee snob-connoisseur level. All I know is this- I know a lot, there is still much to learn and I’m determined to help be the voice of the Specialty Coffee Industry to help educate consumers. So maybe that makes me a bit obsessive and an advocate, but it’s all in the name of coffee and the farmers who make your morning cup possible. Quality is a big deal to me in everything I drink or write which is why I don’t have daily posts.

To understand the bean you must know the bean. The ultimate outcome for this blog is to learn about coffee from the people who create your brew. This blog is the link between consumer and coffee pro. I will cover topics for consumers and all levels of coffee professionals. From coffee 101 to coffee science and coffee business marketing. So you can be sure there is still much to come.

The Deal with Daily Dunk

I recently started a mini series called the “daily dunk”. It was ultimately a joke that gave me the idea. But now that it’s been over a week and have only posted three days worth, I’m starting to reconsider it. The point was to have something justify the “daily” part of the blog name, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and really don’t want to have a daily post, yet. I’d rather give you something great to read throughout the month than force a half-ass post just to be “daily”. I will continue the coffee pairings and even dunking, just not daily. I hope you understand.


In February, I had already reached one of my biggest goals for the year by writing not one but two articles for Trade Journal, Coffee Talk, March issue. I completed this on my birthday. So it was the best present to myself and great experience. I hope to write for them again and other coffee magazines in the near future.

It may not be a big deal to most, but I was very pleased with how my logo turned out. I’m not a designer so it was a huge learning curve. From here on out leaving any and all other design work to my wonderful graphic/web designer Chase Mann, whom I didn’t meet until after the logo was done. He re-designed my blog and we’ve worked together since.

Other than a lot more content to come, I’m freelance writing part time for coffee companies and working on a couple side projects, coffee related of course, one of them with Chase. Everything I do is for you, the coffee lover.

After making it this far, I can already see my blog beginning to evolve. I hope to teach you more than you could ever imagine by following my Barista journey and coffee career.

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Jennifer has been in the coffee industry since 2003. She started Daily Demitasse to educate and share her experience with other passionate coffee enthusiasts, from a Barista, Cafe Manager, shop Owner and freelancer perspective. When she's not working or blogging, you can find her at Transpire Life.

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