Pay it Forward with Coffee Mondays

As some of you already know, I’ve been working on another project, Pay it Forward with Coffee. Here, I explain why I started it.

What if Monday’s were awesome?

They can be! Yes, seriously.

Hear me out…

When I was a Barista, I’d mainly open the café’. It wasn’t difficult waking up early since I am already a “morning person”.  As a Barista, I was the first person customers came in contact with before they started their day, so I would always make a point to smile and cheer up sleepy, grumpy customers.

For example, let’s call her Amy, can’t function before her first cup of coffee, so trying to figure out what to drink is too much work that early. To make her decision easier and faster, especially when she’s indecisive, I would ask easy questions like “Hot or cold”? Size? Favorite dessert? Etc. then recommend one drink to see if it sounded good to her. 99% of the time, Michele, and other customers, went with my recommendation. Then, I’d finish her order as fast as possible.

I’ll call him Kevin, a regular, gets in a bad mood and is NOT a morning person. I’d cheer him up with a compliment, a pun to make him laugh or say something encouraging. If I had time, and saw him coming, I’d go ahead and start his drink so it would be ready by the time he got to the counter.

Remembering customer names, not just their orders, goes a long way too. It’s the little things. No matter what, it was genuine. The smile and sigh of relief when a customer takes their first sip is what I lived for each morning.

This was important to me because I had the opportunity to set the tone for their entire day, preferably with them leaving with a smile on their face and their head held higher. Monday’s are particularly interesting.

Monday has a bad reputation. It’s not just the beginning of the day, but also the beginning of the work week. I wanted to change yours and everyone else’s mindset about Mondays. And let’s face it. Coffee can really help with that.

Since I haven’t worked in a cafe’ in awhile, I started buying random strangers coffee for them on Monday mornings, when I visit my favorite local cafés. It feels great to see the smile on their face. With that great feeling, I wrote a blog post to encourage my readers to do the same back in January this year.

Fast forward to June this year and I began to slowly get more responses to my idea. Then on June 28th, Charley, from Pay it Forward Experience, saw one of my Tweets and responded. We emailed back and forth through-out the day and he inspired me to start a Facebook Fan page to get the word out. This isn’t just for coffee lovers who appreciate great coffee, but for every coffee lover, all over the world. Charley was even kind enough to add Pif Coffee to his site list of Partners. I must say, feeling honored and humbled is an understatement.

I decided to combine my passion for coffee and helping others, based on the Pay it Forward philosophy, into making Monday’s the official “Pay It Forward with Coffee” day. But of course you can do this everyday.

My ultimate Goal is to help create a great start of the week in hopes of coffee lovers being happier and more productive all week long, worldwide.

If you want to participate, every Monday when you’re at your favorite local café, pay it forward and buy a random stranger (in line with you or homeless) or multiple strangers, a coffee to start their day off on a positive note with some coffee kindness. Remember, you will be setting the tone for their entire day and week. Make it an awesome one!

Learn more over at

If a café, roaster or other companies that would like to help out, please contact me at payitforwardcoffee (at) gmail (dot) com.

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