Review: Able Brewing DISK fine & Recipe

Prima Coffee ran a contest for 100 lucky people to “beta” test the DISK fine from Able Brewing to test the market before going into production. Man, was I ecstatic when one arrived in the mail. Here it is, my review of Able Brewing’s new DISK fine for the Aero Press and my how-to- recipe.

Able Brewing already has two versions of metal disk filters with larger holes. I don’t have these, so I’ll be comparing the DISK fine to the paper filter, which most of you probably use. As you can see in the photo, the name is very suitable for this disk.


This new design of the Disk answers the call for an even finer metal filter. The holes measure to half of the diameter of the standard Disk, therefore resulting in a greater density of precisely etched holes. To achieve this, however, the metal had to be thinner. This finer Disk is a bit more delicate; while the standard Disk has the potential to hold up for a lifetime, the finer Disk sacrifices some durability to achieve a greater degree of fineness, resulting in an even cleaner cup. While thin, the Fine is still made of high quality stainless steel and with careful cleaning and storage techniques, the user should ensure that they get lots of use from the finer Disk. ~ Able Brewing

I’ve tested the DISK with three different coffees but for this recipe, I used Counter Culture’s No. 46 Blend.
This recipe is for a 12 oz. cup of coffee using the Inverted Method

Inverted Aeropress and cupWhat you’ll Need:

  • Aero Press
  • DISK fine
  • Kitchen scale
  • Timer
  • Kettle with a narrow spout
  • 16 g coffee
  • 13 oz. Water (384.35mL) @ 200F
  • Grind: med-fine course using a Hario Skerton (finer than drip)
  • Directions:

  • Start heating water
  • Set the Aero press up for the inverted method
  • Add hot water to vessel to pre-heat it
  • Grind coffee
  • Dump water from vessel
  • Add coffee grounds
  • Once water gets to 200F, take it off the stove a minute, then slowly add to grinds
  • Stir for 10 seconds
  • Add the DISK and screw on the “lid”
  • Brew for 1 minute 45 seconds
  • Flip. The key is to hold the mug with one hand over the base before flipping with your other hand, so you don’t get burnt.
  • Press for 15 seconds
  • Should have 5.5 oz. (162.61 mL) of liquid in the cup
    Add remaining 6 oz. (177.39 mL) water
    Clean and enjoy!

    *Side Note: Careful not to accidentally let the disk fall into the trash or sink. when you take the lid off. Sometimes the DISK will stick to the grounds, other times, it likes to fall out.

    Inverted Aeropress and Keep cup
    The DISK fine creates a nice acidity, clean, sweet, rich, and has a light oil sheen in the cup. Compared to the paper filter, there is very little sediment, which is welcome, but no grit like a French Press would have.

    Recommend: For home brewing only. Also, great for traveling and replacing the paper filters.

    Other Thoughts: The DISK fine is very thin and flexible so I’m not sure how durable it would be for a cafe’ setting.

    Final Note: I already enjoyed my Aeropress, but the DISK fine made me fall in love with it.
    Learn more about the contest and pre-order your DISK fine.
    Check out the other reviews and recipes by other beta testers.

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