Review: Kohana Coffee Launches First Shelf-stable Cold Brew

Photo Credit: Kohana Coffee
Photo Credit: Kohana Coffee

New “shelf stable” cold brew from Kohana Coffee! I’ve stayed in contact with Piper and following along as the company innovated and worked so hard these past couple years. The launch of their “shelf stable” cold brew proves it while continually keeping the highest quality and consumer needs in mind.


Kohana Coffee introduces first of its kind shelf-stable Cold Brew Coffee to the Market, keeping innovation alive & taking you beyond a cup of coffee!

On April 16, 2012 – Kohana Coffee launched their organic, fair trade “shelf-stable” Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate to the market, the first of its kind in the coffee industry.Kohana Coffee’s shelf stable Cold Brew product debuted in February 2012 at the Tedx Austin Conference and has already hit the shelves of retailers including Whole Foods Markets (Southwest, South Pacific and Northern California Regions), Central Markets (all Texas locations), as well as other fine retailers domestically and internationally. Included in the product line will be an organic 32 oz bottle of Kohana Cold Brew, “512” espresso drink and other 16 oz bottle offerings including: Mocha Java, French Roast and Vanilla Nut.

“People want to enjoy fresh, high-end coffees but limited by the ’convenience‘ of their environment,” shares Kohana Coffee Founder Victoria Lynden. Many find it wasteful to brew an entire pot of coffee for just one person and prefer a coffee that it is smooth and with less acidity, which is overall healthier. With this in mind, Kohana Coffee’s Cold Brew will join Kohana’s award winning craft roasted specialty coffees as their first ready-to-drink coffee beverage.

Original Brew vs New Brew

In case you didn’t know, Kohana was the first in the industry to bottle cold brew at the end of 2010, and got into Whole Foods with it Feburary 2011. The main improvements from Kohana’s original cold brew and now are – better filtration for less sediment, comes in a PET recyclable bottle. It’s also more concentrated than most Cold Brew on the market so the 32 oz. bottle let’s you create between 12-15 drinks per bottle.


Aroma – Sweet milk chocolate
Taste– This cold brew is so smooth, sweet but with a lot of body and a clean finish. There is no sediment, like its original counterpart, because it’s filtered better.
What I love about this cold brew is that it’s so versatile to get creative and create your own coffee drinks.

“An elegantly composed, impeccably smooth and naturally sweet coffee concentrate that can be enjoyed at any time and in any way. For an iced drink, we recommend filling a glass with ice and mixing 1/3 concentrate with 2/3 milk or water, depending on your taste preferences. It can be mixed in a myriad of ways (with ice cream, shakes, smoothies, dessert sauce, as a marinade and mixed with spirits) acting as a coffee shop in a bottle.

What drinks do I create?

Personally, I keep it simple. I’ll add hot water for the mornings in place of pour over brewing. Adding ice and cold water to the concentrate for an iced coffee to sip through-out the day. In the evenings, I’ll add whole milk or regular soy to the cold brew as liquid dessert. The sweetness of a heavier milk, or soy, makes the drink really sweet. I call this one”liquid crack” because it’s so indulging if you have a sweet tooth.
It’s an all-in-one “barista in a bottle” at home if you don’t want to worry about doing pour over brewing.

This is great multiple types of coffee drinkers: This cold brew is for you if you tend to put a lot of cream and sugar in your coffee. This is great without “all the extra stuff” adding just hot water. If you, or someone you know, that wouldn’t normally drink coffee, this would be a great way to start. It’s also great if you really enjoy iced coffee. And last, but not least, if you are craving a Latte drink and don’t have an espresso machine or can get to a cafe’, then adding milk to the cold brew makes a great (what I call) “Latte Alternative”. Note:*This is not espresso so it’s NOT considered a Latte.

Where to Find it
On Kohana’s Website
Austin, Texas:
Whole Foods – Lamar
Whole Foods – Gateway
Central Market – North
Central Market – South
Snap Kitchen – both locations

Berkshire Coop – Boston, MA
Whole Foods – North California Region stores (tbd)
Whole Foods – South Pacific Region stores
Whole Foods – Arabella Station
Whole Foods – Houston
Whole Foods – San Antonio

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