What is a Mocha?

MochaThis is a very popular drink but I still get asked, pretty often, “what is a mocha?” or I’ll hear “add extra mocha”. It’s more than you may think.

A Mocha is two different things- a drink and a seed of a bush from a place.

A Cafe’ Mocha is made up of espresso shots, steamed milk with micro-foam and chocolate sauce, usually topped with whipped cream. The chocolate is most commonly dark chocolate or milk chocolate although white chocolate is another option.

You can think of a Cafe Mocha a couple different ways:

1. A hot chocolate with espresso Or
2. A Cafe Latte with chocolate

Mocha Coffee Beans are smaller and rounder than most other Arabica varieties and are native to Ethiopia and Yemen. The beans originally shipped from the port of Mocha were thought to have had a chocolate-like taste. But current mocha beans from Yemen is distinguished by its full body taste with rich, winey ‘good’ acidity.

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